Ways to profit from the Internet to change your life for the better

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1 – Introduction

2 – profit from the Internet between truth and fiction

3 – methods of profit from the Internet

4 –  I-s it possible to earn a lot of money from the Internet


There is no doubt that we live today in the era of information and technology, technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, especially after the emergence of social media, and with the increase in the number of Internet users appeared a strange term on the Internet, namely profit from the Internet or how to make money from the Internet With the advent of this term, people began to wonder how to make money from a virtual world ?, Is there really a real profit from the Internet ?, Is it possible to do without the traditional job and move to work on the Internet ?, All these questions may be in the mind of a user The Internet, which traded the term profit from the Internet 


In this article we will simply talk about the reality of profit from the Internet and the correct ways to make moneyand how to profit from the Internet …

Profit from the Internet between truth and fiction?

A common question for most netizens who have never entered the world of making money from the Internet, is making money from the Internet real or fiction? Is the gain rewarding or not worth the time I will spend on this work?

In fact, working on the Internet is almost certain that it is a sophisticated work and generates large sums of money, but you must have real skills to offer online and do not drive behind the mock steps to profit from the Internet, and we will talk about this in detail in the following paragraphs …

The number of Internet users is increasing steadily and remarkably. In the Arab world, there are 226 million users out of 359 million Arab users. It is known that the volume of electronic commerce will reach 20 billion dollars in 2021. In Egypt only. Look at the number you mentioned you will find that it is very huge, this figure is indicative of something wherever it indicates that the whole world is moving towards the digital economy, ie the economy that exists on the Internet, and this tells clearly and explicitly that there is already profit from the Internetand this is not fiction As some believe.

Ways to profit from the Internet

There are thousands of ways to profit and make money from the Internet, some need great skills and some need some important and necessary knowledge in this area, and in this paragraph I will show you the most important real ways to profit from the Internet, but first you must know this fact If you want to earn huge sums, you must have good skills in a required field in the online job market, such as programming and e-marketing, I remember that I got to know the Android application programmer has earned from the Internet around 250 thousand dollars by adding adobe ads to his applications and Uploaded to Google Play Store, there are a lot of models To make huge amounts of internet …

1- Make money from Facebook 

It is common for everyone that Facebook is a means of social communication only, and this is wrong, the trade on Facebook has reached a dangerous level, some people make thousands of dollars and perhaps millions of this platform.

Profit from Facebook is on several ways, including selling products through Facebook and communicate with customers and persuade them to buy your products and this matter I think it is short on who has products or money in the beginning to buy products and sell

And the second way is to have a page with a large number of followers, this will make your page the interest of advertisers about the products and they will contact you to display their product on your page for a fee, and I think this method is the best way to profit from Facebook, in addition you You can profit from Facebook by selling followers, this means that you must offer the service of selling followers on one of the platforms of freelancers such as Fives, but here you will wonder where I can bring followers, Do not worry, my friend, there are a lot of sites that provide selling services for all social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. All you have to learn how to deal with these sites and then buy them followers for a low price and sell followers for some expensive price Something on freelance platforms like Fives and Fever.

2 – profit from YouTube

YouTube is the world’s largest platform for viewing videos, this site is used by billions of users, but we come here to a very important question how to make money from this site and is profit from it or not?

YouTube is one of the sites affiliated with Google, and this company offers you the advantage of sharing the profits between you and them by placing ads on your videos that you upload on YouTube, so here lies the way, all you need is to make good videos the viewer wants to see and subscribe In the Google Adsense program to put ads on videos and then start to make profitsBut remember that this process is not as easy as you think, making videos is exhausting but make sure that the reward is always rewarding and will compensate for this fatigue, and I know that there are some who upload videos on YouTube up to $ 1,000 a month and there are those who earn more or Less based on channel views.

However, this method is not the only way to profit from YouTube, but there are other ways including making advertisements for the owners of products meaning that if you have a channel on YouTube and has a large number of subscribers, some owners of the products will contact with you to show their product on the channel in return for a certain fee, or you show your own products And profit from it on your channel.

3- E-Marketing



E-shopping is one of the most important factors that help in making money from the Internet, and there are two cases of profit from this area.

The first is to be an e-marketer and offer your services on the platforms of self-employment to do marketing campaigns for customers for a specific fee varies depending on your experience in this area, in addition to be aware that e-marketing specialty of the most demanding specialties in the labor market on the Internet.

The second is to market and make marketing campaigns for your products or services over the Internet, and there is another thing is to partner with one of the companies that provide commissioning service such as market company or Amazon and marketing their products and with everyone who will buy a product through you will You get a certain percentage of the profits, and we’ll talk about this and that is commission marketing in another article.

Is it possible to earn a lot of money from the Internet?

If you want a definite answer without twisting and rotation Yes, the world of Internet is full of good opportunities that may reap a lot of profits, but you must learn the important strategies of how to profit from the Internet and how to make money from the Internet so as not to enter this area and do not reap anything and graduate And you speak that profit from the Internet is a fantasy, not a fact.



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