The three best paid apps cost more than $ 300

In a new post for the day, I brought you a set of paid applications for this week, which are all fairy and special applications, the first application, which is priced at Google Play very large, reaching $ 332, which is a very entertaining car game, and you will be addicted to it, and the second application is A paid application also has a price of more than $ 19 where you can do several things such as editing photos and creating stories and you will find a set of templates in which you can make wonderful art paintings using your photos and for the last application it is a very beautiful and fabulous application where you will feel Very comfortable while using it where you can do Lewin many graphics and application also paid and not free.


 The first application is a game of chasing the most expensive cars ever and its price in the Google Play market is very expensive and amounts to more than $ 334 and it is a very entertaining game and you can install it on your phone and enjoy it where you drive the car very quickly as you collect money and work hard to The police don't catch you and there are several fun stages in the game.

Mojito Pro

This application is among the best photo editing apps and this app is paid and has a price of more than $ 19 where you can get it from the links below. It is an editor and story maker and provides you with a set of templates that reach up to 500 templates and frameworks to help you edit and create extraordinary stories. Mojiti also provides you with a set of editing tools that help you to create beautiful designs for Instagram stories as well as create stylish collages and you can create stories on blank canvas and customize them with text, stickers, frames, templates and brush features

You can also edit stories using static and animated story templates with filters and fonts, including photo frames, white borders, excessive exploration art, and so on.

You can also add predefined story templates and you can choose an Instagram layout as a set of photos or videos. The app also provides you with the possibility to decorate your story with beautiful stickers where you will find more than 100 stickers including retro style, shapes, brushes, brushes, stamps, and more ...

Recolor Premium

This application is among the most prominent applications in Google Play, and it is a paid application with a value of $ 59 and does not provide until the trial period where you will not be able to test the application until you make a purchase but provided you with the paid version for free you can download it from the links below and find everything open as if you bought the application and As for this application, what it does is a very beautiful and distinctive thing that makes you enjoy coloring drawings and makes you feel comfortable and it is an ideal application to escape the pressures of life as it provides you with coloring creative artistic paintings and it is a useful application for adults and children and the application contains more than 3000 unique coloring pictures and provides You have a great photo Dah every day.

And you can also through the application create your own masterpiece or draw inspiration from thousands of beautiful coloring pages published in the exhibition by the specialists, so this application helps you to escape from pressure and unleash your creativity through coloring By this you become creative and gain experience.

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