Fairy Android applications with awesome features

In this new post, I will share with you the best applications this week, which you will like, especially the first application, which is a modified version of the WhatsApp application, which features awesome and wonderful features such as reading deleted messages and also hiding your last appearance in WhatsApp and many of the Other and many other features, as well as for the second application, which is a wonderful and   wonderful wallpapers application that gives you thousands of amazing backgrounds which are in HD format for free download. As for the last application, it is more than a wonderful application and it solves you a great problem which is slow your phone as this application is through the tools Provides them will come It can clean your phone from harmful files and make it fast and efficient.



The WhatsApp application is considered one of the most used applications in the world and it has more than a thousand million active users, but the official WhatsApp does not provide many advantages since hatred does not fully satisfy the advantages it provides for this reason, so many developers have designed similar applications to WhatsApp but with different features and Wonderful and distinctive and one of these rich applications from the definition we find the YOWhatsApp application and this application was developed from one of the developers and is not found in Google Play and this application provides you with many of the features in the official application in addition to other additional features regarding the user privacy or personalization For an interface, one of the great features that you find in this version is that you can run WhatsApp from more than one account on your phone. You can also better control your privacy and customize the aesthetic appearance, as you can hide your last appearance on WhatsApp, and you can also read deleted messages and view the status as you can. Also change the main background and you can enter your image and the application comes with many features such as night mode and its advantages also that you can separate the internet from the application alone and a lot of adjustments that you can make in the application in addition to that you can send any type of files such as Apk ZIP , PDF Send files more than 700 MB in addition to performance improvements that make it work faster and many other features.

Link to download the app mega or from here up-4ever



4k quality wallpapers and the application adds new backgrounds daily and without property rights as the application publishes wallpapers collected from different sources and the application when downloaded from Google Play gives you free features such as downloading some backgrounds but you will find paid wallpapers in the application and for you to download You have to pay around $ 2 each month so I also brought you the paid and open version which you can download from the links below.

Link to download the application from Google Play

All one toolbox


This application is among the necessary applications for any Android phone because it naturally makes your device very fast and ends the problem of slow phone you have due to the hygiene tools that the application allows you to improve and speed up the phone and the application got a wonderful rating on Google Play so that it has borne more than 50 million users, due to its good results when trying it and this application has many advantages as it speeds up the device and at the same time saves your phone battery and cleans the temporary storage and also cools the central processing unit and the application also features that it cleans the pain Laps hidden in memory and cleans the isolated files and closes the applications that run in the background to free up space on the phone and improve memory and speed up the phone with just one click as well as closing all applications that may cause excessive CPU operation to cool the phone and save the battery and many advantages for this legendary application And you can download the free version of the application on Google Play or the premium (paid) version of the links below.

Link to download the application from Google Play

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