Android applications are very useful, we recommend you to try it

In a new post, I will share with you some very useful and wonderful applications and I am sure that you will like it and all the applications that we will explain are very useful, especially the first application that allows you to record your voice in a professional and high quality with awesome features that this application brings You put fairy effects for your voice with many settings that make you your voice so pure so the application is very useful, especially for   those who work in YouTube and do not have professional hardware and the second application is a very excellent Indonesian application store where it has the coolest and most recent games in addition to the possibility of Download the hacked and paid apps for free and also the third application will benefit you a lot, especially for parents who want to monitor their children as the application allows you to see all the sites visited by the boy or girl or any other person on the phone that you want to monitor in addition to that the application fights porn where you can attend All of these dirty sites with ease and we will start by explaining the most important features of each application.


Voice over


Among the applications that you will like is Voice over, it is a powerful voice recorder as well as an editor application that helps you record your voice professionally. Therefore, the application is simple and easy to use. After processing the voice you can record a new voice or download it from the library and apply various filters and improve the sound and the effects that Includes equalizer, echo, frequency, gain management, time extension, and you can add an interesting background to your recording to make it hotter and more pleasant. The app also offers a feature that enables the user to download a free image directly from the application where the user can post his video to Facebook And Twitter also gives you the advantage of creating great sound effects like squirrel, robot, ghost, mars, radio, batman.etc ....




 Apptoko application is a distinctive Indonesian store where it contains thousands of applications and games, including malicious and paid, and many other games and applications that are not present on the Google Play Store and after you open the store you will find a very elegant interface and find several sections including the games and applications section as well as you will find Animation section and the movies section where you can download them easily. The application also provides you with a search box where you can search for new and old applications quickly and before downloading any application from this store it is very necessary to add your phone number in order that you do not find any problems.




 The Qustodio application is among the best applications to protect children and monitor the content that they are watching. The internet, as you know, is double-edged. On the one hand, we find that it is a means of learning, knowledge and entertainment, and on the other hand it may make anyone fall into mazes and mental illnesses such as pornographic content and violent content for that on all An official that understands the dangers of these contents and monitors their children, therefore I brought you the best application that facilitates things for you as it is considered the best application of parental control on the Internet and the application is excellent and very effective as he won the award of choosing the publisher of PCMag as the best application of parental control to help families protect my devices Android The application is characterized by several features where it allows to set the time limits for the use of devices as well as the ability to set time limits for games and applications not to mention the ability to monitor the web activity and content that children watch daily and you can also attend all sites and porn applications from them that you do not want to see your children as you can view and prevent calls And display and block SMS messages, as well as the ability to follow the device's geographical location. The application also gives you a great advantage as you can activate the SOS button to alert emergency contacts in the event of a problem and you can also monitor the activity on the Elliot website Web will be able to get daily activity reports and automatic access to the dashboard via the Internet and the application originally, where you will be able to see the activity and determine the protection settings.

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